Saturday, January 4, 2014

Summary of 2013 and Happy New Year !

A bit late, for this but Happy New Year to all.
Wishing this year to be a year full of laughter and surprises !

So as the title says, let's make this quick.
Summary of 2013.

Let's go.

January - December 2013
Honestly, i don't really remember anything(not due to Alzheimer's or some short, just something you'd do that make you forget things so, sorry about that).
I'll just put 'em random right away ~

Right, I think i started my own Video Blogs(namely Vlogs) as a series that ran for... half a year, maybe?
Made it every week and it's cool, it's like owning yourself a show to be shown every week.
Not that it matters anyway. My real intention is to practice making MAD videos like what you'd watch at youtube, they're awesome.
Just coincidence but, i entered a video competition. Submitted in late July 2013 if i'm correct and the result was out in Septemeber 2013. Knowing myself getting 3rd place is awesome enough with the prize RM2k and 4 digital cameras. I guess that pays up my hard work, eh? Plus it's cool, like, i can probably work at a studio, perhaps?

Others... hmm... live video? nah, that's past year's story.
Graduation? Pretty cool. Done at some grand hall or whatever it is. I got awarded as the Creative and Innovative student, living up my post and name, i guess?
SPM? Yeah, real deal and real shit. Praying for those who cheat to fail elsewhere and sometime in the world, whilst i fought by myself really hard, i don't rely shit on leaked answers and craps. Even if the results aren't good, i got no regret. Why? Because i fight with my own strength, i don't really on leaks and stuffs. I've done what a man would do. Call me stupid or whatever that doesn't take chances in this world, but i live as a proud man that rely on my very own strength, i don't take advantages. What is meant to be fought fair and square is something to be done fair and square. I'd do things on my own way.
Alright, that sounded cool a bit lol

So, 2013's over and currently i have 3 months to improve myself. I've started learning Japanese seriously, and remembered Hiragana(ひらがな) and Katakana(カタカナ) after 2-3 days of efforts. Not bad, i'd say. I'm slowly getting there, i guess. Others are not really worth mentioning aside i've used a month finishing Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghost, Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag, Tomb Raider and others. Was gaming throughout the month, it was fun.

And i've gotten myself addicted with Gaki no Tsukai series, especially Batsu games. Aside from that, I'd say the only thing worth mentioning is a drama titled "Ashita ga Aru Sa" starred by Downtown, Cocorico and other comedians. It's a drama regarding salaryman working for their life. Hamada's the main cast, and he's pretty cool going through his lines.
Hamada: "Are data results really important? Don't judge us just after a few mistakes we made ! There are success that can't be shown in reports and data !"
That really hit the spot XD
Also the song is also inspirational for those who go to school/work. "Ashita ga Aru Sa" by Re:Japan
It's better if you watch the ED video of Ashita ga Aru Sa(TV series) instead, the song perfectly shows the workdays on workers from Japan countrywide, quite inspirational to keep me going to work!

That's all, i guess?
New Year's resolution? Ah yes, to be stronger and dependable than i am now, to be able to read at least a JP eroge without the help of TL, to be able to this and that... too much and i don't even know if it's reachable o not lol.

Alright, Happy New Year, welcome to 2014 !

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SPM ended, High school ended. Life has only just begun

Long time, yup it is.
Well, SPM ended, and so my high school life.
Will be missing my friends a lot.
It was my best highschool life ever
I even felt my dorm was like my 1st home(well, more comfortable than home, i had to admit)
Fast internet and 5x meals everyday(yeah, luxurious)
Everyday homework and drills
Additional classes
Add Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry
Skipping classes and stuffs
God, i love these times.

Hope it'll last forever.
But if it is, i would be looping my life all over again, and i will gain just nothing
So as my brother said,"To advance, you got to lose the dearest to you",
I should get over with this, and just let this be within my nevereverforgetful-memories,
and move one for much more better life,
and probably i'll reminisce these memories once more again in the future,
and i would tell my kids that they were:
"The Story of My Life"

The End.

Would be a nice poem-or-whatever-you-call-this.
Time to learn the world and be stronger.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

League of Creative Teen(LoCT) 2013 : 3rd Place

Just a quick post i had to write. Recently won a video competition that i sent my entry back then in June. Finished 3rd :3 here's the video:
The prize is RM2,000 + 4x Canon 16MP A2600 digital camera + certs. Will upload pic later.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy 17th Birthday, Me!

Alhamdulillah, finally i'm 17 years old.
Currently in SPM Trial week, so i'll have to celebrate my birthday with my waifu and books orz.

Oh well, hope i'll be stronger as i kept on growing :3
Somehow i'd like to cuddle Hayate now just like Signum does =w=

Thursday, May 30, 2013

[Review] Yosuga no Sora VN - Kasugano Sora

3 years, i'd say. Last time doing any eroge/VN review is when i have all of those free times back then. It's not that i stopped playing, i just don't have the mood for reviews, also i'm lazy of course.

But then, i would like to review the most honorable award i'm giving in terms of siscon or imouto route:
Yosuga no Sora

..... You could just google the image, i'm too lazy.
Pretty much they said the anime ver. is crap, hell i don't appreciate the anime since it really did turn to crap.
... or so i said.

I just wanna rant about the imouto route, which is Sora.
Identical to the protagonist, as they're twins. Of course, hearing the word incest might gross you out, almost everyone i'd say. But to me it's not, as if you were to totally experience the whole story in the VN, you'll come to understand. Be myself to be siscon or anything, i just love little sisters. I would even award Yosuga no Sora to have the best imouto route ever, through all of the stories and shits they're having in their relationship. I rate it good because of:
1st : Sora is just too cute, and her tsun is <3
2nd : Obstacle in their relationship. Well duh, incest is not right, but as long as there is love(OniAi ref w)
3rd : Art. Sphere FTW
4th(i would like it to be 1st before 1st) : Thanks to the translator team for translating, i really love you guys for translating such beautiful story.

And to finish this up, here's some of Sora-chan pic <3

Sora cosplay by Kanda Midori, totally gorgeous.
... well, you could search the real one anywhere. I'm lazy.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Why i can't forgive myself on Teacher's Day

Teacher's day had just past by. I got no intention of ranting long, i just want to say that i can't forgive myself for this. I've got a tribute video for the day but i'll post it up later.

It was simple, i made her cry.
It's the worst of thing that people would do.
I totally forgo that she's one of the teachers, thus i didn't have her picture inside the video.

Of course, you'd feel being left out behind, only you are not in the picture.
You've been there for already long time, it's a lie if you won't cry out of it.
So, i made her cry. I totally forgot about her.

I can't forgive myself for doing this.
The president told me it's okay, but of course it's not!
I search the internet like crazy for her picture, and made a short emergency speech-like video
for her.

I thought she was expecting it coming but,
she felt touched, she said this is the first and the most touching thing ever she'd ever saw.
She thanked me.
But i can't forgive myself.
I don't deserve the thanks, i've totally forgotten about her, why did she thank me?

... I'm the worst guy.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be the light

Just the thought of another day,
how did we end up this way,
what did we do wrong.....

#nowplaying Be the light - ONE OK ROCK

such a nice song, i'd say.
The PV is too awesome for me to comment on anything.
Anyway, here's a quick review of the song.
It's actually a song for the victims of natural disaster, or precisely for Japan's Tsunami victim.
(ah yes, this is not the lyrics but i somehow like review them lyric-based :3)
They asked from God, what did they do wrong?
The answers lies within themselves, probably they did nothing wrong, but someone did something wrong, they just don't know about it.
What did it left behind? What did it left from them, and washed away?
"Lives, belongings and families", everything precious from them
But then, there's no one to blame.
And they have seen the "mini-hell" within in this world, and made it back as in still being alive.
How could they forget? The can't forget, for how much live have lost along the way.
Then they'll realize where they stand, THERE THEY ARE, TIME WON'T STOP so, they kept moving on.
Yesterday's light, turns to light, tomorrow's light turns to bright... Be the light.

And i really like the message conveyed by OOR at the end of the song, it touches me.
"Some days, just pass by.
And some days, are unforgettable.
We can't choose the reason why, but we can choose what to do from the day after.
So with that hope, with that determination,
let's make tomorrow, a brighter,
and better day."

Lyric-based, it gives you hope of moving on with your current live right now, showing how much unfortunate the victims are while you have your live easy.

PV-based, i really like the style. It's not retro but, it's like the world is watching the victims, as the TV signifies the media.
And yea, i love the way how Taka sings, that expression and damn.... really nice.

... That's all i guess.

This would probably better me in some ways, and kept my live moving on.
Till then, later :3

Monday, February 11, 2013

Seitokai no Boku : Truth of my Student Council Life

Hiya there. It's early in the morning here and i'm pretty sleepy to rant. But i did promise to, so here goes. Seitokai as in Student Representative Council, this would be a reveal to everything, either good or bad, just everything i've experienced at my school, Form 4 and Form 5.

Starting with my position, i'm holding the portfolio of "Information and Communication(+ICT) Exco", which relates my job to all of the technical and technological works. Obviously, i should, like, connecting people and information but, i'm more to technology instead.

First things first, I take my position to seriously. Like, to give a total revolution to my school. I've made achievements like making live video(or live broadcast system if you're familiar with it), but that sacrifices a lot of things. Even now, i'm still struggling to get a lot of videos to be done for the form 4 registration day. I see it as a simple thing but since it's what they demand, it's not. It's like you're already working, and you have to follow every of your client demands. It's ridiculous, of course. And you can't simply like "no, i don't want" or reject just like that. Why? It's because you're a Student Council, it's more like "serving the residence of your school", like a staff. Well, you can just reject anything, but of course, you'll be "rejected" by them also, and i don't want that to happen.

Still, even under pressure, i'm doing my job in a fun way, no stress or any pressure. Though i do sacrifice my academics just to work, but the result and the responds are satisfying, which lower my regret of not focusing in study. But, that's the old story, last year. Not anymore for this year. I've decided to give full course of studying, more better than last year. But of course, not leaving my work alone. It's like 50-50, fair and square.

So, here's the secret of being a Student Council:
1) Take my portfolio, you'll have 24/7 access to computers and internet, no charges.
2) Achieve or impress the principal. If you did, you can request just anything, from dinner to a beast gaming rig.
3) You CAN ask for payment for all of your done work, but in a nice way. Payment aren't all monies, it's various. Skipping classes, maybe? :3
4) If you're gonna be one, then forget about "having a normal life". Once you're in, your student life will change. When people are doing their homework, you're doing your work. And i really meant it, for my position.
5) Never try to quit once you're one. There's no falling back, no exit, unless you're ready to spray your batch name with bad names, you can.
6) You'll be embarrassed if you're a shy person for the first time of applying, interviewed or promoting yourself before being one of them. Not humiliated, but embarrassed. But once you've been long, you'll get used to it.
7) The best thing is, you'll have your own gang dinner, anywhere, just say the place. Last dinner for last year's Student Council had was at some exclusive restaurant, with the cost or RM1k+ just for 15 heads.
8) Take your job seriously. Why? If you did, you won't know what kinda offer you'll be getting. Seriously.
9) Meetings? Depends on the school. If it's like "follow the procedure" then you'll have to endure, like, 2-3hours of meeting with only 3-4 agenda done. If your advisor/president is "anything goes" type, then 30minutes would already suffice.
10) Lastly, don't forget to take care of your grades. Student Council + Superb Grades = Sure Scholarship.

That's all i gotta say. Re-living my seitokai life after watching Seitokai no Ichizon 1 and Lv2, I REALLY WISH FOR A HAREM SEITOKAI AND A LOLI SEITOKAICHOU!

Japan's Student Council are the best

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 : LET'S ROCK!

SPM this year, pretty much the time i've been waiting for.
Got nothing much to say, just that i can't get into mood for my hobbies.
It's pretty much like they got greyed out, like this:
CG coloring

And Tres Bien for the green-lit ones:

Okay, i'm starting to be normal, i guess.
Whatever, that concludes for this post until i've done something else unnatural to be said.
Till then, later.
Well, no for the time being.