Saturday, January 4, 2014

Summary of 2013 and Happy New Year !

A bit late, for this but Happy New Year to all.
Wishing this year to be a year full of laughter and surprises !

So as the title says, let's make this quick.
Summary of 2013.

Let's go.

January - December 2013
Honestly, i don't really remember anything(not due to Alzheimer's or some short, just something you'd do that make you forget things so, sorry about that).
I'll just put 'em random right away ~

Right, I think i started my own Video Blogs(namely Vlogs) as a series that ran for... half a year, maybe?
Made it every week and it's cool, it's like owning yourself a show to be shown every week.
Not that it matters anyway. My real intention is to practice making MAD videos like what you'd watch at youtube, they're awesome.
Just coincidence but, i entered a video competition. Submitted in late July 2013 if i'm correct and the result was out in Septemeber 2013. Knowing myself getting 3rd place is awesome enough with the prize RM2k and 4 digital cameras. I guess that pays up my hard work, eh? Plus it's cool, like, i can probably work at a studio, perhaps?

Others... hmm... live video? nah, that's past year's story.
Graduation? Pretty cool. Done at some grand hall or whatever it is. I got awarded as the Creative and Innovative student, living up my post and name, i guess?
SPM? Yeah, real deal and real shit. Praying for those who cheat to fail elsewhere and sometime in the world, whilst i fought by myself really hard, i don't rely shit on leaked answers and craps. Even if the results aren't good, i got no regret. Why? Because i fight with my own strength, i don't really on leaks and stuffs. I've done what a man would do. Call me stupid or whatever that doesn't take chances in this world, but i live as a proud man that rely on my very own strength, i don't take advantages. What is meant to be fought fair and square is something to be done fair and square. I'd do things on my own way.
Alright, that sounded cool a bit lol

So, 2013's over and currently i have 3 months to improve myself. I've started learning Japanese seriously, and remembered Hiragana(ひらがな) and Katakana(カタカナ) after 2-3 days of efforts. Not bad, i'd say. I'm slowly getting there, i guess. Others are not really worth mentioning aside i've used a month finishing Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghost, Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag, Tomb Raider and others. Was gaming throughout the month, it was fun.

And i've gotten myself addicted with Gaki no Tsukai series, especially Batsu games. Aside from that, I'd say the only thing worth mentioning is a drama titled "Ashita ga Aru Sa" starred by Downtown, Cocorico and other comedians. It's a drama regarding salaryman working for their life. Hamada's the main cast, and he's pretty cool going through his lines.
Hamada: "Are data results really important? Don't judge us just after a few mistakes we made ! There are success that can't be shown in reports and data !"
That really hit the spot XD
Also the song is also inspirational for those who go to school/work. "Ashita ga Aru Sa" by Re:Japan
It's better if you watch the ED video of Ashita ga Aru Sa(TV series) instead, the song perfectly shows the workdays on workers from Japan countrywide, quite inspirational to keep me going to work!

That's all, i guess?
New Year's resolution? Ah yes, to be stronger and dependable than i am now, to be able to read at least a JP eroge without the help of TL, to be able to this and that... too much and i don't even know if it's reachable o not lol.

Alright, Happy New Year, welcome to 2014 !

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